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Investing Like A South Korean Chaebol - Top 4 Stocks To Own

JoeNatural picture Bureau of Economic Analysis). Strong military ties and a new Free Trade Agreement (2012) between the two countries are major catalysts. Investments from South Korean companies into clean-tech / technology companies. In the clean-tech space, POSCO ENERGY Co., Ltd., an independent power producer and a subsidiary of POSCO (PKX) recently made a $30 million Private Placement into FuelCell Energy Inc. (FCEL) in March 2013. POSCO is now FuelCell's largest view website shareholder and has licensed to sell in Asia its technology systems that convert natural gas into electricity through a chemical process. POSCO has also begun construction of a factory that will be in production of FCEL's power systems in early 2015.
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It Takes More to Diversify Than Investing Abroad

In practice it is anything but. We invest in the country where we live for many reasons, convenience, familiarity and transparency being the most obvious. It is also a function of the way most people gauge investing success. When it became clear that US stocks appreciated 30% in 2013 that became the benchmark by which most people judged their performance. This is infuriating for Financial Advisors in some ways.
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Investing Outside the US, Just Not Too Far!

VWO He also says he hasn't seen such little potential from stocks since the end of 2007, when the Great Recession was starting. Below are excerpts from a recent conversation, edited for length and clarity: Q: Stocks in Brazil, Indonesia and other emerging markets fell last year, when the U.S. was surging. Isn't that a sign that foreign stocks still offer diversification? A: Emerging markets are the last bastion of uncorrelated stocks. They have different capital flows, different currency issues and political factors that can drive differentiated returns. But the United Kingdom, Australia, developed Asia, European stocks: The correlations are getting tighter and tighter.
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